Let’s start with a plan

To craft my 1000 posts I need some topics and thinking about every single game and writing about all of them is just a waste of my time. I had few attempt in building solid plan of writing almost everything about every single game I love, but this is too hard. I don’t have time to think about every single topic I have in my mind.

Also my writing is not perfect, actually is pretty horrible and I just know, that every single entry on this blog will be soon or later rewritten. If my blog right now is more an empty space and I love idea of free, indie and open software why not start with that and go through every single fun old / remastered game.

Additionally I love, just love Guild Wars 2 and that game will always find something to attract me for a couple of seconds. I know Guild Wars 2 is not supported on linux but who cares. I still can play with wine and Lutris. So I will make a few posts about it as long as ArenaNet will lets us play.

So, let’s go!

Right now I will focus my attention on:

  • OpenRA – I will start with basics and tips and tricks for running Tberium Sun and Red Alert 2
  • Return to the Roots – Settlers 2 was my first game and this is a must have here. RttR is a great projects and 100% they need more attention
  • Guild Wars 2 – Just news and nothing more
  • Morrowind – Great game with great free engine

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