Hello world!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog. Today I will start my journey to 1000 posts in 2019. This is a big challenge that i set for myself because I just want that juicy writing experience in my “stack”. Funny part is that I don’t have a slightest idea about blogging right now. I had a blog ten years ago, but right now I am just a newbie in that area. Additionally my language skills are little rusty, so I expect a lot of errors in my posts.

So to kick start that project and meet my 1000 posts before end of this year I need a plan. Plan that includes relearning English language and weekly routine for writing practice. A lot has changed in my life in past ten years so I think I have more than enough topics to write about. Additionally I have set a special requirement for all my posts. Every single one of them must be at last 120 word long.

I will start slowly with games and little technical topics. I work in IT right now as a front-end developer but on daily basis I do back-end and devops too. So Little notepad for my thoughts will be nice. Additionally my main gaming station is running Linux, so expect few guides about running Windows games on that system. And seriously “few” because right now 95% percent of games runs out of the box.

For anyone coming from Aragmor.pl. My old blog id dead and I have no intention to review it. Maybe if I had some time, I will try to recover my old guides.

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